Foundation Database

Welcome to the SCP Foundation Central Information Database. Here you will find important information related to departments, SCPs and facilities that are part of the SCP Foundation.

Created by Retrospektve & friedmonkeyfoot.

> Departments

The SCP Foundation is home to many different divisions which operate throughout their facilities and communication services. A list of these organizations and their duties can be found here.

> Facilities

The SCP Foundation operates primarily via two secure locations, Armed Containment Area-108 and Antillia. More information on these facilities as well as several other SCP Foundation places of interest can be found here.

> SCPs

The SCP Foundation contains plenty of anomalous entities that threaten normalcy if released into the public. More information about SCPs currently contained within Armed Containment Area-108 can be found here.

> Regulations

To moderate the actions of the staff employed within the SCP Foundation, the O5 Council, Site Directors, Department Directorate, Board of Directors and Executive Body have created regulations to ensure peace both within secure locations and communication systems. Information on these regulations can be found here.

> GoIs

The SCP Foundation is not the sole organization interested in anomalies. There are several external factions that pose a threat or provide assistance to the SCP Foundation. These GoI's can be found here.

> PoIs

There are many important staff members employed within the SCP Foundation. Information on these people can be found here.

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